Books Available

C Programming

A C book adhering to ISO C11 standards. Some portions of this book will be merged with GNU's C manual. We are working towards that. I am adding even more content to this. This book is done and will receive no further updates. I will leave it as it is.

A Variable in Algebra

A Grade-12 Algebra book with solutions for all the problems. I am expanding this books so that class 6 onwards students can read this.

Data Structures and Algorithms

An exhaustive book on Data Structure and Algorithims. Only few chapters written. Being rewritten entirely with mathematical approach removing all code.

My Rhymes

My rhymes in Hindi

About the Author

My name is Shiv. These books are written by me and in case another contributor comes up you will see that person as well.

All the mistakes are mine and mine alone. Please help by emailing me at by reporting the errors and suggestions for improvement.